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Social Media Project & Celebration Event

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'In the world we live in today people look for other people online.  Whether that's to find out about their background, career experience or just out of curiosity often the first encounter someone might have with another person is an online one,' explained Cathy Wood, Managing Partner of Matchstick Media Limited which set up and ran the UEA and Athlete Angel Social Media Project.

'We wanted to show the students how social media is simply an extension of who they are.  A place to express passions and interests and to explore self-identity,' Cathy continued.

The Social Media Project was set up to encourage those students in charge of social media accounts, at the UEA, to be the best advocates and ambassadors for their clubs, and so the UEA, they could be.  What first online impression, for your club, did they want to make for existing or new students?

The project ran for four months. During that time a dedicated UEA web platform was built - called Athlete Angel - where the best examples of social media use were displayed.  Students were applauded for positive use through a monitoring and scoring system.

At the end of the four month period all the social media content, from all clubs, was reviewed.  Clubs were then awarded certificates of achievement in Commended, Highly Commended and Outstanding categories.

In addition there were 12 individual awards where clubs, who showed excellence in particular areas, were recognised. So, for example, there was an award for Best Picture (Cycling), Best Campaign (Pole Fitness for their Pole Fitter campaign), Best Short Video (jointly won by Athletics and Gymnastics) and Best Long Video (Men's Rugby).

There were then three more awards for the top three clubs who were, in reverse order; Baseball and Softball, Women's Rugby and Netball.

'It was a pleasure to work with so many varied and interesting clubs at the UEA, ' said Cathy, 'and to see how readily they took on the advice and guidance offered,' she added.

'As a company we were, genuinely, bowled over by the creativity, hard work and enthusiasm shown for the project.  In the end it proved impossibly difficult to pick the final winners as there was so much great content which showcased the vibrant opportunities at the UEA,' Cathy added.

'We feel immensely proud of the work the students did and hope, as a company, we can forge a long term relationship with the UEA where we continue to promote and recognise best practice in this area'.

Lucy Cole – Netball Club social media officer (Overall winners of the project)

'Working with Athlete Angel on the media project has been really great. It's helped me to understand the power of social media and with specific goals, the programme has shown us how many great things we do as a club and wider community which often we forget to shout about! It's been enjoyable creating lots of fun and different content and has helped create a community around our club - we can't wait to carry on all our hard work!'


Full Winners List


Best Use of Social Media to Promote Other UEA Clubs:

Women's Football


Best Community Post:



Best Fundraising Post:

Capoeira (for Capoeira for Refugees Charity)


Best Use of Twitter:

American Football


Best Use of Instagram:

Windsurf and Paddleboard


The Club We Most Wanted To Join:



The Club Which Scored Most Social Media Goals (positive posts):

Baseball and Softball


Best Campaign:

Pole Fitness for Pole Fitter


Best Picture:

Runners Up: Boat and Ballet

Winner: Cycling


Best 'This Girl Can' Video:



Best Short Video:

Runners Up: Women's Rugby

Joint Winners: Athletics and Gymnastics


Best Long Video:

Runner Up: Ballet

Winner: Men's Rugby


Overall Winners of the 2017/18 project…

Third Placed Club: Baseball and Softball

Second Placed Club: Women's Rugby

Winning Club: Netball