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Sports Clubs are a great way to get involved during your time at UEA. Clubs create great friendship groups, provide new experiences and offer fantastic opportunities for learning and development and most importantly, for having fun. Each club is run by a committee of current students, supported by uea+sport and uea su. 

There are 58 active sports clubs on offer, ranging from American Football to Yoga. Every club is open to all students so if you are interested in getting involved in a certain club please contact the club presidents directly by clicking on the clubs link below.

Sports Association Membership (SAM) and Club Fees

Before you are eligible to join any of the sports clubs you will be required to purchase Sports Association Membership (SAM) at a cost of £55 for the year (or £30 for half year). This contributes to the cost of club activities, i.e. coaching, kit, transport, affiliations, insurance and much more.

If you are only here for one semester and wish to buy half year SAM, please email with proof of your term dates, and this will be arranged.

You only need to buy SAM once per academic year, no matter how many clubs you join, and when you've paid you will get a SAM sticker for your campus card. Club committee members also need to pay for SAM.

For further information please contact Alicia Perez Lopez ( or visit the student union website. *must be purchased before joining any of the clubs. * Please note, that each club also charges a fee in addition to SAM. Fees vary and are set by each individual club.

uea+sport kit and leisure wear

Please click here to view and purchase any uea+sport kit and leisure wear. You can view and try on sample sizes in the uea+sport office (located just inside the Sportspark). Samples are not able to be removed from the office. 


Club Documents

Sports Grant Request - To apply for a grant request, please download this form and return to , along with a copy of your inventory and up to date budget. 

Sports Association Membership Matrix - The purpose of this document is to outline which campus resources and facilities, provided by uea+sport and uea(su), different types of students, alumni and members of the public (associate) can access.

Becoming a Sports Club - How to form a new sports club. 

Club Sponsorship Guidelines- Regulations regarding club sponsorship.

Health & Safety 

If there is an accident or injury during your sporting activity at the Sportspark or Colney Lane that has already been reported by a member of staff then you don’t need to do anything further. If there is an accident or injury anywhere on or off campus that hasn’t been reported, you need to complete an accident report form. If there is any other incident or near miss during your sporting activity (or travelling to and from venues), you must complete an incident report form. Both forms need to returned to James Raywood ( 

If there is an accident, injury or any other incident/near miss during your social activity, you must report it by completing the online form found here.

Trips & Vehicle hire

Notification of club trips - High risk clubs are required to complete this with details of their trip and a list of members taking part. This form needs to be returned to James Raywood ( at least 3 working days prior to the trip for approval.

Declaration of club trips - This form needs to be completed and signed by all trip participants to give their consent following a briefing by the trip organisers. This form needs to be returned to James Raywood ( at least 3 working days prior to the trip for approval.

Trip List - Please fill in the details of all participants going on a trip and submit this to the UEA Security Lodge.

Private Vehicle Registration Form This form needs to be completed by any student who is using their own car to travel on an event/trip. With this form, you also need to hand in a copy of your driving licence, an MOT certificate if applicable and an insurance document.

Mini Bus Test Application - Please complete this form if you would like to drive a uea+sport minibus for a club trip. Please return the form to the uea+sport office or 

Vehicle Policy - This vehicle policy is aimed at regulating the use of the uea+sport Vehicles and externally hired vehicles in order to ensure that the use of vehicles through the University follows best practice.

Personal Accident Insurance Policy Summary - a copy of the policy wording is available on request.

BUCS Team Sheet - For all BUCS matches, please fill in the details for all players and email a copy of the team sheet to Sophie Thomas (

BUCS Playing under protest - Essential form which needs completing if there is an discrepancy during a BUCS match. Must be completed before half of the fixture is completed and brought into the uea+sport office following the match. 

Clubs at UEA

American Football (

Archery (

Athletics (

Badminton (

Ballet (

Ballroom & Latin (

Baseball & Softball (

Basketball Men ( 

Basketball Women (

Boxing (

Cheerleading Dance ( 

Cheerleading Stunt (

Climbing (

Cricket  (

Cycling  (

Dance Squad ( 

Dodgeball (

Equestrian (

Fencing (

Football Men (

Football Women (

Futsal (

Golf ( 

Gymnastics (

Hockey Men (

Hockey Women (

Judo (

Ice Hockey & Figure Skating (

Karate (

Kayak (

Kitesurfing (

Korfball (

Lacrosse (

Mixed Martial Arts (

Mountaineering (

Netball (

Pole Fitness (

Pool & Snooker (

Rowing (

Rugby Men (

Rugby Women (

Sailing (

Snowsports (

Squash (

Sub Aqua (

Surf (

Swimming (

Table Tennis (

Tap (

Tae Kwon Do (

Tennis (

Touch Rugby (

Trampolining (

Triathlon (

Ultimate Frisbee  (

Volleyball (

Water Polo (

Windsurf & Paddleboard (

Yoga (